Life After
A former CF tells all!

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I left AC in 2014 and it took me nearly a year to untangle and unravel what was true and what was crazy for me around Access. 

Since then I have had a lot of Access peeps contact me to want to talk. Looking to find out why I left and how I am doing since then.  
Well, sign up and find out all of that and more!

Join me as I openly share my journey with Access Consciousness, what I loved and what did not work for me.
I am also going to walk you through some of the things that I looked at to get myself and others clear from the crazy-making that is bundled up with the amazing gifts in AC.
Let me say for the record, AC has some great stuff, and I got soooo much out of my time with it and all the classes I took. However, when it was more crazy-making than contributing to my life, I opted to go!
Do you dare to join me on this controversial journey to find out what works for you?
  • Why I was asked to leave Access
  • Awareness of what you know about Access and have been ignoring
  • How to use the amazing tools without getting locked up

Dana Pharant - Master Healer (former CF)